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Emma quite literally took me from zero to hero....I was in a state of chaos.


She listened, gave great tips, and detangled the mess. I have seen so much growth in my creative business!


Emma is a true ray of sunshine and has lifted me up to being a truly confident creative in business.

Kat Fox

Illustrator & art club facilitator

As soon as I saw that Emma was creating a membership program for creatives I wanted in.


I like that it’s self-paced learning online – I have three children and do not have a consistent schedule.


I like that the modules are not locked and I can pick and choose based on where I am at in my personal journey.


I like that I can attend group mentoring sessions and feel like I am part of a community of business savvy creatives who are not interested in the starving artist stereotype.

Courts Lippett

Fine artist

The Creative Business Hub

  • Lifetime Membership

    Have access to all the training videos, guest speakers, content upgrades and the thriving community forever. No ongoing payments - join once and you're in!

  • 12 instant access videos

    Self-paced and instant access to all the content. No frustrating drip-fed content. Dip into the videos in any order - whatever you need on demand.

  • Monthly LIVE group mentoring

    Pick my brains, share your wins, solve your challenges and be part of the hivemind with other creatives. We meet monthly on Zoom.

  • The Speaker Series

    Free trainings and presentations from guest experts on a range of topics...setting up a YouTube channel, LinkedIn for creatives, organic SEO, getting into the more! 

  • Private Facebook Group

    You'll have direct access to me and be part of a private creative community to support, inspire and guide you. Never feel alone in your creative business again - we are ready to welcome you!


You have a full 14-day trial period. If you're not 100% satisfied with the product, we'll refund your money.


We respect your privacy, so your data will never be sold or disclosed.



Your mentoring gave me ideas, helped to create a plan & keep me accountable.


Being solo in business can be hugely overwhelming and I was sick of myself & my ideas; you provided the change I needed.


Thank you! I’m better off for having you part of my business journey.


Sam Janssen

Sports Clothing Designer

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